About Us

Our alpaca farm started breeding alpacas in Kent, in July 2006 with 8 quality pregnant females, after leaving the life of finance and banking we had for 16 years. The babies became a bit addictive and we have expanded so much that we now live on site with our animals, which is essential when breeding Alpaca. We are now doing weddings on the farm so people can have alpacas around at the wedding.

The farm now has more than 70 animals on site, having had 17 babies already this year with another 16 females due this summer so will soon be full of babies, Some of which will be FOR SALE. We have several small owners animals on site, whose animals are pregnant again for this years birthing.

When looking to purchase a herd of breeding alpaca for your farm,  it is essential to buy good quality animals, to ensure a good return on your investment. We have already helped several new breeders get started with training and value for money Alpacas. They will live happily with horses, sheep or goats and make very good protectors from foxes.

We can assist you with your own dreams of becoming an Alpaca owner and living with your animals, if you also want to leave the stress of your current lifestyle.

We are located in the village of Hartlip so if you would like to come and look at the possibility of becoming an alpaca owner and see our beautiful animals call Kirstie Brown on 07880 544794 or email me at valleyalpacas@hotmail.com.