Business and Investment Opportunity

I was a successful financial adviser but decided that working long days and evenings to was not the life I wanted to continue with. That is exactly why my husband and I gave up our 5 bedroom home. We bought a field and some Alpaca in 2006.
We have expanded to a bigger field, in Hartlip, that we currently have temporary planning permission to live in a log cabin.

My business plan has altered over the years as I now anticipate building my heard up to 40 breeding females, half owned by myself and half owned under the Small Owners Scheme as detailed here. I developed this opportunity as so many people love and care to own on of these beautiful animals but have no land and cannot make the daily commitment necessary to look after them properly.

If you are interested in Breeding and living with your animals, or like me want a slower less stressful job/lifestyle please call Kirstie on 07880 544794 to arrange a site visit.