The most important thing is for a better quality of life

Alpaca are becoming so popular now that to make a business out of them is becoming much easier, with trekking and feeding experiences, as well as a thriving pet market and tourist attractions. So many people I have met want to own and live with alpaca and I can help you to do that.

They are also very good stock protectors so if you have lambs, baby goats or even chickens they will keep the foxes away for you. Young alpaca are called Cria and can easily become friendly and halter trained.

Alpaca are an agricultural animal and can be farmed alongside other animals or alone. They cross graze well with horses as they like shorter grass, but won’t eat round their own poo piles, whereas horses love the fresh lush grass that grows around the alpaca poo piles

That is why, for those of you who wish to be involved in a business with Alpaca, and who have not yet got your own land I would recommend you take advantage of leaving your Animals here on livery (£5 per week), whilst building up your herd numbers, and learning to look after them, until you are ready to move them to new pastures.

The cost of livery will more than be offset by free stud fees from our quality male studs.

There are many advantages in doing so, you can take advantage of me caring for your animals together with my own, I will teach you all aspects of husbandry, including holding your hand when your first cria is born, you will learn how to vaccinate, microchip and tag your own animals along with the other routine care required. You will also be given the free use of our studs to re impregnate your females.

I have developed this idea, not only for your benefit but also to ensure that by time you leave you are fully capable of looking after your girls, that are now your future business.

I also under estimated the cost of stud fees for the early years. That is why I have chosen to include stud fees within the purchase price, so you don’t make the same mistake, this will help your cash flow. It also means your valuable stock will come into less contact with other herds, hence reducing risk of infection.


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